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Frequently asked questions

I am asked to enter a pin when trying to pair with my phone

Cause:  You are trying to pair mappos via your phone's bluetooth settings. 

Solution:  Pair mappos with your phone using the mappos App instead ( "+" symbol in top right corner).

I can't pair mappos with my phone

Cause:  Bluetooth is switched off.

Solution:  Turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings.

Cause:  mappos is too far away from the phone.

Solution:  Place mappos close to your phone while pairing until you hear a beep.

Cause:  Mappos battery is drained.

Solution:  Replace the battery.

The battery lasts only a few days

Cause: mappos' control module is faulty.

Solution:  Replace the battery. 

mappos location does not appear on the map

Cause:  GPS is turned off or the mappos App cannot access GPS.

Solution:  Activate GPS and make sure the mappos App can access your phone's GPS.

My phone battery drains too fast

Cause:  This is a rare issue that may occur with some phones and is related to the power consumption of GPS module or other components.

Solution: Only activate GPS or Bluetooth when you actually need it, i.e., when you're looking for your mappos.

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